Kutralam Falls

Kutralam is not a single falls it consist of nine falls around the area courtallam.There are three waterfalls which are accessible by cars and buses they are the Main Falls, Five Falls, and the Old Falls.The other falls Chittraruvi which is a small cascade just above the main falls and the Shenbaga Devi Falls and Honey fall which are one Km away from the Main Falls and only can be reached only by trekking by the mountains.Tiger Falls which is above the Honey falls and the Fruit Garden falls is just inside the government Horticultural farm and cannot be visited by the public.The another Fall is a Palaruvi or Milk Falls which is in between the tamilnadu and kerala borders.

The Nine Falls Are:

  • Main Falls or Peraruvi
  • Five Falls or Ainthuaruvi
  • Old Falls or Pazhaya aruvi
  • Small Falls or Chittararuvi
  • Shenbaga Devi Falls
  • Honey Falls or Theanaruvi
  • Tiger Falls or Puli aruvi
  • Fruit Garden Falls or Pazhia Thotta Aruvi
  • Milk Falls or Palaaruvi


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